What is a crypto currency and crypto investment in simple words

Crypto currency is called digital money, encrypted and protected with special algorithms. The main difference from the same “paypal or webmoney” – in absolute decentralization, independence from any financial and state system, banking structures. It is achieved thanks to the principle of working on blocking technology, which allows you to sequentially photographically conduct operations. For today in the world there are hundreds different криптовалют, but the main thing remains бикоин. What are its advantages over traditional currencies?

All transaction data is stored simultaneously on the set of user computers connected by the Internet. Simply put, there is no single center or control system for crypto currency – it is controlled simultaneously by a multitude of interconnected devices. All participants have equal rights and status, and can remain anonymous. An important characteristic of this self-regulating currency is its direct circulation without the need to involve intermediaries and third parties, the absence of a commission.

How to use crypto currency

In order to start using bitcoin, you need to install one of your wallet options on your mobile device or computer. The light version is included in the work in a few minutes and does not store a large amount of data. If you download the full version, it will take a lot of memory and several hours of data synchronization.

Having registered a purse in the network, you can get your personal bitcoin-address: it will need to be notified to other people for the possibility of transferring payments. But if there is an opportunity to transfer the bitcoins to a purse, then where are they actually stored?

All earned and received units of crypto currency are in the block, the wallet is essentially a private key of the user. It allows you to access the funds and use them at your discretion: translate, spend and exchange. Nobody can steal, write off this money from the account, except the owner of the key. Alas, with its loss, access to bitcoins is lost.

Entrepreneurial activity. Startups that raise funds with the help of funding.

Investments. Short-term – for example, trading on the stock exchange. Long-term – accumulation in order to increase the asset due to the growth rate.
Accumulation and storage of funds. If the owner’s private key is safe, then his money is also secure. No other way to crack a crypto is unrealistic.
Payment for goods and services. Straight. Quick and convenient More details can be found at Norwegion Crypto trading platform, Sweden Crypto investment and Italy  crypto profit system.

Bitcoin, unlike real money, is not based on anything material like gold, besides, it has its own emission ceiling. The initial protocol of the blockage stipulates that only 21 million BTC can be produced, which should happen in 2140.

But how does the crypto currency work in 2018? For beginners, earnings usually do not begin with mining, for which you need super-power equipment and special software. Try to accumulate several units of digital currency using the so-called bitcoin-cranes. These are special websites that allow you to earn money by investing in ICO, decrypting captcha and visiting web resources.

The most popular and promising option for today is the extraction of crypto currency and subsequent ICO investments. Like any other investment, they carry a certain amount of risk, as well as an opportunity to make good money. Especially since, not expressed physically, digital money every day more actively participate in the processes of the real market.

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